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Priya Josseph Shah-Cruz

Business: Arianna’s Vida
Location: California
Education: Bachelor of Arts – BA, History and Spanish. Chapman University (Orange, California)
Expertise: Gluten Free, Asian Indian, Hispanic, and Vegetarian food cooking and baking.

Uniqueness: I always have coffee before doing my own stunts.


Priya J Cruz, has….

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Welcome to Arianna’s Vida, where we firmly believe that everyone should eat fresh, live healthy, & grow properly! From a culture that values education, family, & eating together. Naturally gaining the skills of my mothers hands to continue what was once hers which soon will in turn be my daughters.

Since I was young, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue my academic goals while also keeping my love of cooking alive. I graduated in the top 1% of my high school class, was summa cum laude at Chapman University, & perusing my PH.D graduate degree from Duke University.

My love of cooking has been a constant throughout my academic journey, even when my husband’s celiac disease came to light. I have always made time to cook and share my recipes with others, and I have learned to adapt my recipes to be gluten-free so that my husband can enjoy them too.

I believe that food is a powerful way to connect with people & build communities. It has saved my husband and given my children great nutrition benefits

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Priya Shah-Cruz & Arianna’s Vida Team

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